Announcing February's KIND WORDS Challenge


Happy 2017 and we hope it brings you so much kindness and love.
We are excited to announce a Kind Words Challenge for the month of February and would love for you to join in!

February 17th is International Day of Random Acts of Kindness and the world certainly seems to need plenty of those right now. We want to encourage our kids to show love, kindness and respect to all and the Kindness Elves have a lovely idea for encouraging this in the coming month, using JUST our words! The challenge will be to use our written and spoken words to focus on building each other up, letting people know how much we value them and how grateful we are. There's a magical power in words!

This is what we are going to do. At the beginning of February the Kindness Elves will arrive in homes and classrooms with a little letter saying that they are here to spread the news about the magical power of kind words and that they have lots of fun challenges for acts of kindness  using only words. 

You can download our version of this letter here (for free) to help you get started - and we've included customisable hearts for you as well!

Our Kind Words Challenge will be a project be a focus for the whole family (or class) so that includes adults as well as children. We all need a reminder to use only kind words and it will be a great discussion point and encouragement for us all!
We are going to focus on two areas: writing and speaking. Here are some examples of the fun ideas we have for spreading this oh-so-important message.
Writing cards, thank you notes, letters to friends and family. Making lists of reasons we love or admire someone. Writing stories or poems to brighten someone's day. Leaving secret messages on rocks, written in chalk, on a mirror, with letters on the fridge, under a pillow and MORE!
Speaking up for others who need a friend, telling your parents how much you love them, saying only thankful thoughts all day without a complaint, explain to others about an important cause or charity you love, thanking teachers/ medics/ service people for what they do, giving reasons that you're happy and confident to be you! And MORE!
We will share one challenge a day on our Facebook and Instagram pages for a fun and creative way to use words in a kind way. We will also gather up these ideas and send you a bundle of them each week (so as not to overwhelm your inboxes!) Make sure to open and read your emails so you can follow along and join in too!send ideas for making these very fun and magical including writing secret messages, hidden notes, scratch-and-reveal words, fold up notes etc as well as some fun and quirky ways to write eg on the mirror, with magnetic letters, chalk on the board, on teeny paper, special notecards etc.
 We can't wait to see your own photos and you own Kind Words projects which might grow from this initial prompt! Tag us on social media with #kindwordschallenge and #thekindnesselves so that we can find you!
If you need a set of Kindness Elves to help you with your Kind Words project, choose from our 11 different options here. We ship worldwide with flat-rate shipping!
This is a PERFECT challenge for a class or whole school kindness initiative! If you're a teacher you will love our Kind Classroom eBook and materials too, which already support lots of Kind Word ideas!
The Accessories Kit contains a wonderful Little Book of Big Kindnesses memory book as well as stickers, mini postcards and acts of kindness cards, so this is a perfect addition to help with our Kind Words Challenge too.
Can't wait to get started!

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  • our Kindness Elves have been with us since before the holidays! They have taken over an area of our classroom where children are free to create furnishings and notes and pictures to their home !

    mrs sheridan

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