12 Days of Christmas Kindness: Day 1

Our 12 Days of Christmas Kindness are starting today (December 12th) and we are SO excited to begin!

For those of you who are joining us, we thought we would send you our own simple ideas one day at a time, the night before each day, so that you can see what we are planning. Equally, please do reply and let us know your own plans too! We can really inspire each other with our acts of kindness.

Day 1:

If you haven't already, then introduce your Kindness Elves to the children with a little letter or card. If you own our Accessories Pack you will find a ready-made introductory heart card there for you to use. How you choose to do this is up to you. You can either ask the children to name them or let the Kindness Elves introduce themselves with their names already. My kids adored naming ours and the names ranged from Bob and Pete to more the festive Sparkle and Merry! I personally am very fond of Bob and Pete :-)

Tell the kids that the Kindness Elves have chosen to visit because they have seen that your child is so helpful and kind-hearted and that there is so much we can do together to show kindness to others.

Later in the day or in the same set up, leave a little letter suggesting the first act of kindness to do together!
Ours is going to say:

"Let's wrap an extra toy and donate it to the local toy drive."

Shelters, refuges, food banks and police toy programs are often asking for extra gifts to be wrapped and dropped this time of year to give to vulnerable children in the local area. A quick internet search of initiatives in your location should point you in the right direction.


Once the children have done the act of kindness don't forget to leave a little postcard from the Kindness Elves saying well done, which can then be stuck inside the Little Book of Big Kindnesses.  (These are all part of the accessories kit.) NB don't try and force the postcards into the mini mail box, they aren't designed to fit in there! That is for the kids to write tiny notes back to the elves and drop through the slot.

Tomorrow we will be suggesting something else!
Let us know what you are doing by sharing a photo to our FB page, or using hashtags #thekindnesselves and #thekindnesselves2016 on all social media.

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