Christmas Kindness Family Pack
Christmas Kindness Family Pack
Christmas Kindness Family Pack
Christmas Kindness Family Pack
Christmas Kindness Family Pack

Christmas Kindness Family Pack

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What's Included?
  • The Kindness Elves Set
  • The Story of the Kindness Elves
  • 12 Days of Christmas Kindness ePack
  • The Kindness Elves Accessories Pack

Experience for yourself the amazing impact the Kindness Elves have in the home by encouraging kids to carry out daily Acts of Kindness for their siblings, friends and neighbours.

This bundles all the magic of the Kindness Elves into one discounted bundle, including the Elves, the Accessories, the beautifully illustrated Storybook, and the 12 Days of Christmas Kindness ePack to get your family started!

Customer Reviews

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Kindness Family Pack - Perfect!

Our daughter loved receiving her kindness elves! Such a great opportunity to spread kindness. It's extra helpful to have all the notes ready to go! Looking forward to having Holly & Polly return!

archna pandya-patel
Such a lovely idea

We love the concept of the kindness elves and it’s really worked for my little one. He’s focused on how he can help other people and perform small good deeds for family members and neighbours all the time now. It’s so sweet. He made his big brother’s bed this afternoon to make him happy. The elves have taught him to be more outward looking, which isn’t easy for a 4/5 year old! Cannot recommend this concept enough.
Love the little suggestions of kindness and the beautiful house and book it comes with! Very good quality!

Patti Freimuth
Better than elf on a shelf!

Love the cute little Kindness Elves. The elves as well as activity cards keep things exciting, giving children intrinsic motivation while teaching kids acts of kindness, and the importance of giving not just receiving during the holiday season

Nicole V.
super cute, big hit in my home!

These elves were a super cute follow-up (a few months later) to our Christmas elf and they got my kids thinking and talking about kindness. It made taking on “kindness challenges” more fun and exciting and kept the idea of kindness at the forefront for a few weeks. We had them out in the few weeks before Valentines Day and then they “returned home” after the holiday. We’ll have them return again for sure! :)

Nicole V.

Christmas Kindness Family Pack