our story

our story
my name is anna and i am a mama of 4 and former primary school teacher from the UK. in a world that is so full of “stuff” and a creeping entitlement and have-it-all-now attitude, we knew we wanted our children to feel instead a sense of gratitude for what they have and kindness towards others.

the elves

in november 2013, i came up with the idea for the kindness elves, a sweet-natured alternative to the "naughty elf" tradition, with a positive message of emphasizing kindness, sharing and gratitude within our children! I couldn't wait to get started and my kids LOVED them! I shared the idea and it was incredibly popular, with some wonderful feedback received from around the world.

fast-forward to now and the kindness elves™ have been on a whirlwind journey! the simple yet powerful idea of spreading kindness amongst kids has been incredibly popular and readers have been asking us to sell our own elves and set up shop! so here we are, with some fantastically fun sets to choose from with different coloured clothes and two wood tones, and an absolutely adorable house with a working mail box. incidentally, the elf house was designed by a real architect - fun fact!