The Kindness Elves Summer Campaigns

We are looking for a limited number of our wonderful bloggers and influencers for us to send new samples to, and support our upcoming launches!

1. We are unveiling our new Kindness Elves!  

new kindness elves


We are adding pink, green and BABY Kindness Elves to our range. They are incredibly cute and we believe they will prove very popular!


To promote the big launch, we are looking to send samples to some of our affiliates to post a review of our brand new designs, along with some pics for social media and links for purchase on our website (using your affiliate links of course!) and of course with the hashtag #thekindnesselves.


We will mail the samples out by Monday 12th June, and so you should receive them by 20th June.  We are announcing the new Kindness Elves on June 15th, so we kindly ask that you don't post anything until after that date.

2. Camp Kindness!

Camp Kindness


We have created a REALLY wonderful Camp Kindness eResources Pack for the summer.  The pack will include:


- themed weekly suggestions for activities and crafts

- acts of kindness ideas

- activity sheets

- participation certificate

It is absolutely jam packed with great ideas for keeping the kids entertained with crafts and kindness missions through the school break.  

Perfect for parents and group leaders to find creative acts of kindness for their kids throughout the school holidays, through the magic of the Kindness Elves!

This downloadable Camp Kindness eResources Pack will cost £5.99 (approx US$7.75, CA$10.49, AUS$10.25), and can all be printed at home.


We are looking for affiliates to promote Camp Kindness - one blog post or 2 or more social media posts (or both) during the months of JULY and/or AUGUST. Using hashtags #thekindnesselves #campkindness


JULY/AUGUST. Camp Kindness will run from mid-July through to the end of August.


If you are interested in helping to promote these campaigns, please provide your details below!  We'd love you to support both, but one is of course wonderful as well.  Both of these campaigns we expect to generate a lot of traffic, and so we hope this can be great too for your blogs (and commissions!).